Monday, July 11, 2011

who the fuck are these people?

you know, the nut job Americans who keep voting for the Republicans. I think we can all agree that the US economy is one serious cluster fuck. It's a disaster, and it needs to be fixed. What's a quick way to raise some funds? How about tax the rich?

Nope, the republicans say no way Jose (except they would probably say Joe, because they wouldn't want anyone to think they were pro-Mexican). Don't you know if you tax the rich they won't create jobs anymore????

Here's a news flash...NO ONE IS CREATING JOBS NOW. Last month there were a measly 18,000 new jobs in the US. That's like 40 new jobs in's a joke.

The Republicans need to get their heads out of their asses and make some money off those Texas oil barons.

How can they sleep at night? Voting against free health care for America's kids, and keep the tax breaks for the fat cats!

But I guess a better question is, how can the people who vote for them sleep at night.


  1. As much as I hate George Bush, the Republicans and Organized religion in general, I have to point out that Obama and the Democrats have done sweet fuck all since getting into power. Do a Google search for "What has Obama done" and you will find some hilarious ass shit, which is all funny because it's true.

    And lastly I must take issue with your ill thought out "tax the rich" statment. The poor represent 99% of the population, and the rich are the wealthy 1% at the top. (This is another huge problem, but besides the point). Taxing 1% of the population is going to do fuck all (much like Obama). Sure, tax them at 50%, 60%, 80%, fuck it take 100% of their money. it's not going to be anywhere near the tax base you'd get from a tax on the remaining 99% of the population. So sorry Duv, but a shitty argument on your side, you need to sharpen those reporter pencils and get back in the game here.

  2. With all due respect, scott777, I believe the DUV is on to something here. Although the so-called "rich" may represent a very small percentage of the American population, their wealth, on the other hand, represents a great deal of the population. The repubicans, as do all right-wing ideology toting fools, believe that by giving greater tax breaks to the upper middle class and elitists of society those breaks will result in hiring more people, starting more companies, etc, which we on the left know, is total and complete bullshit. By reducing the taxes we collect off them, we burden the rest of society too much. The workers, poor, and middle class can't be held responsible when they've got little to no extra cash to stimulate the economy with.

    Your argument is too simplistic. It reeks of hyperbole and lacks in critical thought. The only to stabilize a struggling economy is through spending. The workers can't spend if they are taxed to death. The rich, by definition, have plenty to spend, so its time they paid the piper. Tax em'. Its the only way.